Elopak launches Pure-Pak Imagine environmentally friendly carton

Elopak, a supplier of carton packaging and filling equipment for liquid food, has launched the Pure-Pak Image. The new carton is a modern version of the company’s original Pure-Pak carton, designed with an easy open feature.

According to the company, beverage cartons already have the “lowest CO2 footprint” among liquid food packaging today. Using renewable, recyclable and sustainably sourced materials, Elopak provides innovative packaging solutions that offer a natural and convenient alternative to plastic bottles, and fit with a low carbon circular economy.

Patrick Verhelst, CMO for Elopak, said: “Increasingly, we see that our Pure-Pak carton system is the natural solution to the global need to reduce the usage of plastic bottles. With the launch of Pure-Pak Image, Elopak is supporting the critical causes that represent the issues of our times – bit the call to action is timeless.”

Elopak’s focus on sustainability, alongside food safety and consumer convenience, has seen the company record a number of environmental milestones in recent years. The company has gone carbon neutral since 2016, used 100% renewable electricity, and reduced emissions by 70% over the past decade. With cartons manufacturers from responsibly managed forests and FSC-certified material, Elopak offers its customers 100% renewable cartons that use wood-based renewable plastics, rather than relying on petroleum-based plastics.

“We wish to play our part in the global shift towards a low carbon circular economy, and have therefore created the most environmentally friendly carton possible,” he claimed. “The Pure-Pak Imagine carton has no plastic screw cap, and is 100% forest-based made with Natural Brown Board. The carton is fully renewable and carbon neutral, creating the perfect low carbon, circular economy approach.”

The Pure-Pak Imagine carton’s top fin helps guide consumers how to open the carton. In combination with the functionality of the easy-pour and easy-fold features, the new carton design sets a new benchmark in reducing plastics.

With the new shape of the top fin introduced with the Pure-Pak Imagine, Elopak adds a further important point of differentiation. Shape is the first recognition point for consumers, so this is especially important in markets less familiar with the easy opening feature. Elopak is confident that the design of the Pure-Pak Imagine carton will create recognition on shelves across the markets, and is currently available for the fresh dairy category.

“With Pure-Pak Imagine, we aim to help consumers make conscious environmental choices. The carton’s easy opening gives the environmentally-minded consumer a more sustainable pack, with less plastic and more natural renewable materials,” Verhelst concluded.