Elevating dietary supplements for the modern consumer

By Lois Mo, marketing director of health and wellness, Asia-Pacific, at ADM

More consumers today are taking a broader and more holistic view towards wellness as they increasingly recognise that various aspects of their health are all interconnected. At the same time, consumers are shifting from a reactive to proactive approach by making more mindful purchasing decisions with regards to dietary supplements and are looking out for solutions that take the whole self into account, offering benefits that combine to support physical, mental and emotional wellness.

As consumers have unique lifestyles and differing nutritional needs, tailored products that reflect their specific and personal goals are therefore increasingly important, with 49% of consumers believing every individual requires a customised approach to their diet1. More consumers in the Asia-Pacific region are seeking out dietary supplements as a quick and convenient solution to meet their daily nutritional needs amidst their busy schedules. As a result, the Asia-Pacific dietary supplement market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 8.21% over the next five years2. For probiotics supplements, its market in Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% in the same period3.

ADM’s comprehensive suite of services and capabilities allow us to design, develop, produce, and bring market-ready and innovative dietary supplement solutions to the region. We deliver nutrition fuelled by science, with a complete range of solutions from prebiotics to probiotic and postbiotic strains supported by positive pre-clinical and clinical research. ADM’s dietary supplement solutions are ready to aid in the delivery of taste, texture and functionality to meet consumer demands, while offering formulations that deliver cleaner labels with quality and regulatory assurance. We get you to market faster with our technical professionals, vertically integrated supply chain, as well as formulation and manufacturing capabilities.

Flexible, functional and fun formats

ADM understands that on-the-go consumers are looking for products that are not only nutritious and taste good, but also easy to consume to suit their busy lifestyles while delivering added functional benefits to support aspects of health and well-being, including immune function. With our expansive pantry of health and wellness ingredients, deep formulation expertise and consumer insights, we can develop the right formulation that meet consumer demands for taste, texture and functionality in a variety of applications.

Our line of well-tolerated soluble dietary fibre ingredients, Fibersol, can be included in a variety of formats, including powders, stick packs, gummies, liquids, capsules and tablets. Consumers can reach for these convenient grab-and-go products that are easy to consume, satiating and nutritious. Fibersol has little to no impact on taste or texture and can mask bitterness and improve mouthfeel for sugar-free and high-protein dietary supplement solutions. This makes it the ideal ingredient for any format while providing the added functional benefits of fibre for the consumer.

In addition, ADM’s functional botanical extracts can meet consumers’ demands for holistic, healthy lifestyles by incorporating naturally occurring nutrients found in fruits, vegetables and other plants into dietary supplements. Acerola, for example, is associated with support for immune function as a natural source of vitamin C and is also associated with energy, vitality and joint health. Functional extracts like acerola can be customised into various dietary supplement formats including soft gels, powders, gummies and more, to suit different lifestyle needs.

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