Efficiency Enhancement with the Semi-Hermetic Compressors in the GEA Bock HG series

The GEA Bock semi-hermetic compressors HG22e, HG34e, HG44e, HG56e and HG88e (l. to r.)

Düsseldorf (Germany), October 2016 – GEA has now optimized its series of semi-hermetic compressors – GEA Bock HG22e, HG34e, HG44e, HG56e and HG88e – with respect to their efficiency as well as running quietness. An advanced valve plate system, electric motors with extremely high efficiency, and improved gas passage in the compressor all enhance overall efficiency. All compressors feature oil pump lubrication, which enables an extensive speed control range for operation with frequency inverters. Emergency running characteristics have also been optimized – an especially important factor for natural refrigerants. The new HG compressors are additionally designed for ease of service: their stators can be exchanged onsite, and oil change is now simpler for the smallest compressors.

Greater running quietness: the GEA Bock HG56e 6-cylinder piston compressors

The compressor models in the GEA Bock HG56e series are new. They replace the previous 4-cylinder HG5 series and the smallest model size of HG6 compressors. In comparison to their predecessors, the new 6-cylinder compressors offer greater efficiency and quieter operation. In the HG56e series, three model sizes cover the range from 73.8 bis 100.4 m³/h displacement (at 50 Hz).

The compressors HG22e, HG34e, HG44e, and HG56e operate with optimized standard valve-plate design. The HG88e model features the mexxFlow valve plate. This valve plate enables more cooling duty at reduced power consumption. The flow-optimized double lamellar ring design of the valve plate, in combination with a cylinder head especially designed for the valve plate, enhances the efficiency of these compressors by up to 20 % (depending on application).