Efacec Singapore Announces Project Completions on Three Fronts

Different Industry Applications Demonstrate Efacec’s Warehousing Capabilities 

Singapore, 24 August 2016 – Efacec Singapore (Efacec), part of Körber AG, today reveals the completion of three projects in Singapore with a global Oil & Gas company, an educational institute, and a contract logistics and freight management company. Spanning a variety of industries and applications, these projects comprise new installations and an upgrade of a 15-year old warehouse facility, which saw Efacec implement a series of automated logistical technologies – including its Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), Finished Goods Transport System, and Rail Guided Vehicles (RGV).

Since its entry into the Asia Pacific region, Efacec has demonstrated that versatility is one of its strengths, through customizing its warehousing solutions to support manufacturers from a variety of vertical markets. Pedro Furtado, Projects Director at Efacec, elaborated, “Efacec’s ability to cater to the needs of different industries further validates our position as a leading supplier of automated material handling solutions in Asia. As manufacturers’ logistical needs become increasingly complex, we’ve kept pace by ensuring that we exceed the industry’s expectations, so as to meet even the most demanding material handling challenges. We’ll continue to build on our strengths to contribute to the warehousing success of our clients.”

Global Oil & Gas Company

In March 2015, Efacec was engaged to provide a transport system to move its finished products from the production facility to a designated staging area at a facility belonging to a global oil & gas company in Singapore. Efacec designed a conveyor system that directly interfaced with the production process, enabling the client to reduce the use of forklift equipment, and improve overall business operation performance. Albeit a straightforward project, the client’s demand for high quality warehousing solutions was a major contributing factor that set Efacec apart from others.

Educational Institute

In the same month, Efacec was also approached to customize and contribute to an automated logistics mock-up setting for a learning institute in Singapore. To demonstrate actual logistics operational equipment to students, Efacec implemented its conveyor system and configured the solution to interface with an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). At the same time, the conveyors also highlighted the actual procedure of pallet dimension checks before the AGV pick-up process, further enhancing the learning experience for students.

An important process in an automated warehouse, pallet dimension checks ensure the safety and accuracy of pallet designs. These checks can ascertain that pallet dimensions are within the stated tolerance level before automation takes over to reduce mishaps such as over-loaded or tilted pallets. Compared to other available options, Efacec’s high-quality warehousing technologies and the company’s ability to fully tailor its system to the client’s requirements were prime factors that led to the successful completion of the project.

Contract Logistics and Freight Management Company

Several years ago, Efacec provided a Singapore-based contract logistics and freight management client with a complete suite of warehousing technologies including its ASRS solution, Rail Guided Vehicles (RGV), transfer cars, stacker cranes (for pallets and bins), and its Warehouse Management System (WMS). As some warehouse components were due for an overhaul, the client decided to refurbish the entire logistics facility in 2015. Efacec’s proposal stood out amongst others because of the intimate knowledge that the team had of the warehouse’s existing structure, allowing a more efficient solution that enhances warehouse performance.

Pedro concluded, “In each of the three projects, Efacec was able to meet the different requirements of each client. Across the board, we observe that Efacec’s Made-In-Europe material handling technologies gives our clients the assurance that Efacec can effectively meet their warehousing needs. Regardless of project scale, Efacec is wholly committed to providing targeted solutions to support our clients in their warehouse operations, and we will continue to do likewise as we expand our business in Asia.”