Ecolean and HelloFresh collaborate to increase sustainability commitment

Ecolean’s lightweight packaging solutions have become part of HelloFresh’s meal kits, offering consumers a more sustainable and convenient packaging option. HelloFresh is a provider for meal kits, and the collaboration with Ecolean will strengthen both companies’ commitment to sustainability.

The Ecolean packages have been included in meal-kits distribution in Germany and Austria since April this year, with Denmark and Sweden to follow.

Tilman Eichstaedt, senior vice-president, international product, procurement and sustainability at HelloFresh, said: “We are very happy with the progress we have made in terms of sustainability in recent years. We want to offer people a fundamentally more sustainable way to buy and consume food. By switching to Ecolean’s lightweight packages, we are increasingly reducing the amount of plastic used in our meal kits.”

Ecolean’s lightweight packages combine environmental responsibility with food safety and consumer convenience.

Andreas Jeppsson, regional director, Europe, Ecolean, concluded: “Lightweight, flexible packages mean reduced environmental impact as well as lower packaging waste. At the same time, being flexible and easy to use ensures the highest level of consumer satisfaction and reduced food waste.”

The Ecolean Air packages used in the HelloFresh meal-kits include crème fraiche, sour cream and schmand.