EcoEurope – Quality and Tradition

Held on November 4, 2015 at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore, EcoEurope delighted their guests with European organic produce.

It has been reported that organic agriculture and food processing are now developing dynamically in Europe. Organic farming occupies approximately 6 per cent of all agricultural land and covers more than 10 million acres. The Polish Ecology Association brings together a large group of producers and food manufacturers, each showing the distinctive character and nature of their region through their products. Each producer belonging to the association ensures control over and quality of the products on offer, which hold Organic Farming Certificate with a Euro-leaf label.

Discussions focused on organic agriculture and production, and the health benefits derived from organic food products. One point of interest is the discussion on chokeberry also called Aronia, which was referred to as “one of the healthiest fruits in the world” due to its numerous health benefits, as proven by scientific investigation that revealed the presence of bioactive (polyphenolic) compounds that help maintain the body in good health.

Business workshops on fruits, vegetables and preserves, as well as meat products (pork, beef and poultry) were held. Guests were treated with an array of food presentations and cooking demonstrations by Polish chefs.