In today’s world, many are looking for “greener” ways to approach packaging. This includes looking at the entire range of the product’s life cycle – from raw material sourcing to disposal. With this in mind, Cortec® Corporation has been working tirelessly to introduce viable packaging options that can make the “circular economy” a reality. For more than two decades, EcoCortec® has recently intensified efforts to develop a variety of practical alternatives to traditional plastic films and bags.

Recently, EcoCortec® officially released the EcoShrink Compostable Film, a commercially compostable alternative to common plastic shrink wraps for use in industrial packaging applications.

Designed with the circular economy in mind

EcoShrink takes both the beginning and the end of the shrink wrap product life cycle into account. EcoShrink is sourced from certified commercially compostable resins and contains 45% biopolymers. After use, EcoShrink can be disposed of in a commercial composting environment to reduce the amount of plastic packaging that normally ends up in a landfill. EcoShrink is shelf and curb stable and will retain its integrity until disposed of properly. Key environmental benefits of EcoShrink™ can be summarised as follows: meeting ASTM D6400 standard for commercial composting; containing 45% biopolymers; reducing conventional plastic waste; and improving user’s environmental footprint

Putting EcoShrink to good use

In addition to these green benefits, EcoShrink has many practical characteristics. It is designed for standard heat-shrinking applications. Users of EcoShrink can shrink wrap their small or large components as normal to conform to the shape of the object. EcoShrink is a great way to keep dust, dirt, and moisture off warehouse stock while keeping components bundled into a streamlined package. Shrink wrapping can be done with a wide variety of standard shrink tools. Simply measure the size of the unit, determine how much film is needed to wrap around it with enough for overlap, then shrink wrap as usual. EcoShrink is available in 2 or 4mil (50 or 100µm) thicknesses and as single wound or centerfold sheeting in widths of 45.72cm (18in) or 91.44cm (36in). Rolls come individually boxed or in cradle packed pallets.