Duravant combines packaging equipment brands into nVenia

New packaging operating company brings together Arpac, Fischbein, Hamer and Ohlson equipment brands.

Duravant has introduced nVenia, a new operating company within Duravant’s packaging solutions segment formed by combining Arpac, Hamer-Fishbein and Ohlson into a single entity.

Leveraging the strengths of Arpac, Hamer, Fischer, and Ohlson, nVenia is positioned to be an equipment designer, manufacturer and integrator for primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging solutions. Arpac equipment includes shrink wrappers, tunnels and bundlers, tray and case formers and packers, and robotic and conventional palletisers. Fischbein equipment is the brand for open-mouth bag sewing and sealing systems. Hamer is a provider of bagging automation solutions, with a portfolio of solutions including weighing, forming, filling, sewing, sealing and bag management. Ohlson equipment is known for rugged, accurate primary packaging lines to weigh, count and fill all types of packages, from flexible pouches to jars to rigid containers. All four of these names will continue to thrive as product brands within the nVenia product offering, and will be featured as such as nVenia equipment.

Mike Kachmer, president and CEO of Duravant, said: “By bringing these brands together under one roof and one name, we are creating next-level packaging equipment, integration and innovation solutions for our customers.”

nVenia will operate from a newly constructed, 256,000 square-foot facility located in Wood Dale, Illinois, the US. The facility is planned to open this April with nVenia’s existing manufacturing sites transitioning into this single location throughout the remainder of the year.

Thurman Melson, president of nVenia, added: “nVenia’s name comes from the Latin word invenio, meaning innovation. That word will be the driving force behind everything nVenia does while we persist to keep our customers’ needs at the forefront.”