DuPont launches enzymes for sweet baked goods in Japan

POWERFresh Special and POWERSoft Cake 8010 enzymes will help improver houses and industrial bakeries in Japan, creating cakes, sweet rolls and buns with softness and moistness over the entire shelf life.

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has announced the launch of POWERFresh Special and POWERSoft Cake 8010 in Japan. This range of DuPont Danisco enzymes offer improver houses and industrial bakeries an anti-staling solution that provides enhanced textured, softness and a longer-lasting freshness to cakes, breads, sweet rolls and buns whilst maintaining their shape.

Improver houses, oils and fats manufacturers and bakeries in Japan have been looking to offer novel eating experience to customers, while improving productivity and reducing product returns. To help them meet these challenges, DuPont added new enzymes to the range of freshness solutions available in Japan – POWERFresh Special 8100 GF and 8013, as well as POWERSoft Cake 8010.

These POWERFresh and POWERSoft enzymes were formulated to help create cakes and sweet breads with a softness and moistness that creates the “melt in your mouth” sensation that consumers desire. The enzymes help provide sweet rolls, buns and cakes with a long shelf life and higher resiliency, while providing bakeries a solution that can be applied in a broad variety of recipes with its sugar tolerance, without influencing the overall production process.

Tsukahara Kazuyuki, application specialist at DuPont Nutrition & Bioscience, said: “Consumer demand for baked goods with a delicious, sweet taste and long shelf life is growing rapidly across Japan, and we see POWERFresh Special and POWERSoft Cake 8010 as an essential to helping the baking industry meet that need.”