DSL Group brings Hyster UT Series to Indonesia and Thailand

DSL Group, an Indonesian and Thai materials handling company, has introduced Hyster’s new UT Series range of lift trucks to open up new markets and expand existing opportunities in the nations’ high growth economies.

DSL Indonesia and Dilok and Sons Co Ltd Thailand were amongst the first dealers to order the new range of Hyster UT Series lift trucks in six different capacities from 1.5-3.5 tonnes, aimed at industries seeking Hyster quality, toughness and service at a cost-effective entry level price to reliably tackle simple everyday materials handling applications.

DSL Group has ordered an initial consignment of Hyster UT lift trucks for its diverse markets spread across Indonesia with 260 million people, and also for the strong materials handling needs present throughout Thailand’s growing industries.

The value proposition – “Meets the Need. Makes the Move.” – relates to customers who does not need particular advanced functionality features, but prefer materials handling solutions backed by a supplier they can trust – and with the support of a reputable service network extending across Asia-Pacific. The UT Series’ approach to materials handling is particularly attractive to customers whose materials handling equipment is required to work intermittently over a working week, on an as-required basis, typically up to 1,000 hours a year.

Demand for the new UT Series is expected to be especially strong among businesses such as food and beverage organisations, building material industries, and logistics centres involved in warehousing, storage, transportation and distribution, said Puntin Kulmongkon, managing director at PT DSL Indonesia.

“Hyster’s long experience in building tough forklifts backed by outstanding service offered by strong dealer networks will be a big advantage of the new UT Series in these markets. Other forklifts just can’t compare in this regard – the market values Hyster’s durability and aftersales service.”

DSL Group provides flexible service terms to fit individual customer operations, with packages including on-call service, term contract service with regular visits or a mechanic on-site to maximise uptime.

“We focus strongly on service to ensure our customers can leave after-sales needs to us and focus 100 per cent on maximising their productivity,” Kulmongkon added. “In a country such as Indonesia, new business opportunities are increasing rapidly. While larger organisations already appreciate what they get with the Hyster brand, this new range opens up opportunity among smaller organisations who can get Hyster advantages with cost-competitive financial packages. Launching the UT Series will give us new opportunity to penetrate into this expanding market. We are driving our business through a customer-oriented strategy of providing quality products while also providing fast response on aftersales service so our customers can focus on maximising their productivity.”

Quality and backing
The new Hyster UT range embodies all the quality features that have been at the heart of the Hyster brand for nearly 90 years, including intelligent design, product testing, quality of manufacturing and quality of suppliers.

Rather than pigeon-hole basic utility needs, the UT Series philosophy opens a discussion with customers on “What are your specific needs and how long do you need to use it for on a daily basis?”

Hyster already has a strong and long-established professional distribution network extending across Asia-Pacific, strength that is in turn backed by Hyster-Yale globally, which has been building relationships and partnering with customers, suppliers, dealers, and employees over many decades. www.hyster.com

“Hyster’s Asia-Pacific network of experienced and independent dealers such as PT DSL Indonesia offers outstanding service backup that is dedicated to their customers,” said Tony Fagg, managing director, Asia-Pacific, Hyster-Yale. “The advantage the new range brings with its ‘Meets the Need. Makes the Move.’ value proposition, is fine-tuned responsiveness to customers’ individual needs, including varying hours of service, different applications, cost of ownership, capability, strength and dependability of the product.”