DolCas unveils high concentration ginger extract

DolCas and Olene co-launch high-potency ginger root extract targeting gut health.

DolCas Biotech has added to its portfolio of better-for-you botanicals a new ginger root extract, branded as Ginfort. The bioactive, formulated by Olene Life Sciences in India, carries an approved digestive support claim and rounds out DolCas’ portfolio of structural, functional health ingredients.

Ginfort’s extraction process addresses challenges formulators face in meeting the three key parameters of an effective nutraceutical ingredient – achieving low-dose actives, providing high clinical effectiveness, and maintaining stability. Its high-potency action is owed to a blend of food-grade inactives applied to a base material of solvent-free extracts of ginger oleoresins. CO2 is used to isolate and enrich the gingeroids and other ginger activities.

Vivek A. Parachur, co-founder and CEO of Olene, commented: “The extraction process for Ginfort optimizes the functionality and potency of the oleoresin and other activities in ginger, brining the millennia-long medical uses of ginger to the forefront of science and market development.”

Ginger has been prized in ancient Chinese and Indian traditions not only for its culinary properties but as a medicine, especially as a reliever of stomach distress. The underground rhizome of the ginger plant holds the bulk of its beneficial properties, most of which are attributed to the presence of volatile oils.

Gingerol is a bioactive of ginger, and is responsible for its pungent flavour and the 6-gingerol for, which DolCas described as “the most prominent gingeroid”. It is also acclaimed for its spasmolytic activity on the gut wall and its capacity to normalise gut motility. The phenolic compound is also noted for its anti-inflammatory and protective role over gastrointestinal membranes and other tissue types.

The digestive health-supporting nonvolatile oil components of ginger – gingerols and shogaols – make up less than 3% of fresh ginger. In dried extracts, these actives have been enriched by 5-10%, with higher concentration raising concerns for stability as exposure to heat and lengthy processing methods irreversibly convert gingerols and shogaols, into lesser active paradols.

Ginfort’s production process concentrates the highly lipophilic gingeroids to 26% standard, and simultaneously stabilises them in their respective concentrations without compromising on the free-flowing material. Of the 26% standard, more than half of it is maintained as 6-gingerol.

Dr Shavon Jackson-Michel, director of medical and scientific affairs, continued: “In Q4 2020 and at the crossroads of the most festive, food-centred season, we decided to launch Ginfort as DolCas’ newest active, bringing our solution for digestive health to people across the globe.”

DolCas will be providing a webinar on Ginfort through XTalks on 26 Jan 2021, in which it will refresh discussions surrounding the topic of health resolutions and health commitments emanating from the holiday season.

“Given our success with DolCas in turning Curcugen and Fortiquin into world leaders within the innovative supplement market, it seemed a natural fit to partner with them to bring our Ginfort high purity ginger extract powder into the digestive health market,” Olene’s Parachur concluded.

Ginfort can be applied to powder fills, soft gels, and liquid capsules. The possibility of integrating it into lozenges is also being assessed. It is halal-certified and is in the process of securing kosher certification.