DolCas Biotech’s Curcumin for sports nutrition

Established in 2007 to a generic ingredients company, Orcas Naturals, Dolcas Biotech, LL is an organisation that revolves around the creation, distribution, marketing and creation of unique botanical materials, supporting its efforts with long-standing research and regulatory processes. In a clinical study which took place December last year, Curcugen® has been found to be largely positive influence on subjects that engaged in acute exercise.

The double-blinded placebo-controlled study, led by Neil Schwarz, PhD, had 24 participants on a randomised trial. Results were subsequently published in the Proceedings of the Seventeenth International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) Conference and Expo. Subject to either a daily 500mg dose of Curcugen or an equivalent dose in rice flour before an intense exercise protocol of 50 hurdles and 50 drop jumps. Seventy-two hours post-exercise, the joint range-of-motion (ROM), inflammation markers, soreness and oxidative stress, were significantly better in the former group than in the latter. What this shows is the capacity for Curcugen to accelerate post-workout recovery.

Schwarz, the acting associate professor of exercise science at the University of South Alabama, believes that “the improved knee range-of-motion and tolerance to thigh pain in direct comparison with its placebo following a workout is an interesting finding which warrants further investigation” particularly in relation to post-exercise recovery. Not entirely new to the sports health scene, its accessibility and convenience is a feature to be emphasized, noted Jackson-Michel, Shavon, director of Medical & Scientific Affairs at DolCas.

Additionally, perhaps due to its water-insolubility, the agent typically appears in capsule and pill formulations. Uniquely formulated with a self-dispersing mechanism, it is easily integrated into powdered shakes, yogurts, post-workout bars and other beverages, even at room temperature – making it the ultimate on-the-go ingredient for sports-minded.

“Containing no non-turmeric or synthetic excipients, bio-enhancers or binding agents, it has little need for masking agents and its mild taste means high-yield sweeteners are kept at a bare minimum. Due to its high-performance credentials and scientific substantiation, it is now poised to be a major player in the sport health scene.  worthiness in sport formulation” Jackson-Michel added.

The role of curcumin in sports formulation and future studies

Over the last decade, the sports nutrition and supplement space have been making bold moves toward meeting heightened clean-label standards set by the growing pool of health-conscious, sports-active people.

Formulators are increasingly exploring the botanical world for naturally-derived sport performance boosters and post exercise recovery solutions.  Scientific studies have reaffirmed its unquestionable positive impact in two main ways: the reduced presence of blood serum inflammatory markers during the post-exercise period, and reports of reduced pain sided by a speedy return to physical activity when compared to the placebo. Moreover, Curcumin has been found to offer superior antioxidant benefits which quells the inflammatory response in tissues, which have been damaged during exercise from overwhelming free radical or oxidative stress response.   

Recently, Curcugen’s self-confirmed GRAS award has deemed the ingredient safe at a dosage between 210-1400 mg/day. Moreover, the company has its own manufacturing arm, Botanosys, in India, to help with vertical integration and the procurement of high-quality ingredients. Testament to its success, The Silicon Review has designated Dolcas Biotech one of ’50 Most Innovative Companies to Watch’ in 2020.