Diana Food launches range of organic and animal welfare chicken solutions

Product offerings designed to meet rising consumer demand for ethical ingredients.

Diana Food, part of Symrise Nutrition, has launched a range of organic and animal welfare poultry solutions developed to meet the rising demand for ethical food and drink among consumers around the world.

Now available, these products provide food manufacturers with a wide sensory pallet enabling them to create their own taste signature. They can add a boiled or rotisserie note; a fatty, juicy meat note; or an umami note to their creations. This new line also features performance in solubility, turbidity and mouthfeel.

Diana Food’s range of chicken products comprises two types of ingredients. Organic solutions with organic hen broth and hen bone broth in both liquid and dehydrated forms; organic hen meat powder and organic hen fat. In the animal welfare offer, products include liquid and dehydrated free range chicken extracts; free range hen meat powder and free range chicken fat.

Diana Food sources its fresh chicken materials close to their factory, and raised by farmers in an ethical environment. The process valorises every part of the chicken to minimise waste across the value chain. All processing uses kitchen-like processing techniques, resulting in non-allergenic, clean label products that are free from monosodium glutamate (MSG), yeast extracts, colours and added hormones. They also offer storage conditions in ambient temperatures with a shelf life of greater than 12 months.