CSM Group partners with HackSummit to foster sustainable food innovation

Generate aims to support start-ups in their early stages but providing R&D and commercial support through a tailored programme

CSM Group will participate as supporting partner to the HackSummit in Lausanne, Switzerland, on 13-14 Jun 2024.

The summit’s aim to “redefine our future” is aligned with CSM Group’s incubator of ingredient start-ups and food concepts, Generate. Recently launched, Generate supports startups in their early-stages by offering R&D guidance, application opportunities, innovation facilities and commercial support through a 12-to-18-month programme for each start-up based on their needs.

“Generate is the cherry on the cake of the Open Innovation approach embraced by our whole Ingredient-Tech Platform, which combines internal capabilities with external knowhow to advance ingredients, safeguard human wellbeing, enhance sustainability and deliver great taste to consumers,” explained Aldo Uva, CSM Collective’s CEO.

“We are excited to be supporting partners of such a dynamic, unique event as the HackSummit, where we will be able to meet not only the most disruptive startups in the sustainable food ecosystem but also like-minded industries and forward-thinking investors,” explained Christian Sobolta, CSM Group’s managing director. “We recently launched Generate, our incubator of ingredient startups and food concepts, because we believe startups have a pivotal role in driving innovation and pushing boundaries within the food value chain. Thus, we created this program specifically to support young innovators in validating proofs of concept, finding the perfect root to market and having actual access to the business networks.”

The summit will allow CSM Group to meet new innovators and explore new ingredient concepts, as well as present the first start-ups that have already joined the Generate programme. The three startups – which were selected in collaboration with the Open Innovation Partner URIKA Partners based on a number of criteria, such as the level of innovative technology, the presence of synergies, and the impact of a potential support by CSM Group – are:

  • Ingrediome, which creates animal proteins by leveraging photosynthetic microorganisms. Generate will support Ingrediome by deepening the technological potential of the solution and working on the conjoint development of next generation plant-based meat alternatives, as well as providing commercial guidance in tackling the market and side by side assistance when it comes to regulatory and safety requirements.
  • DairyX, which creates animal-free and clean-label dairy products using functional milk proteins made in yeast through precision fermentation. Generate will support DairyX in providing similar texture, taste and nutritional content to cow milk by leveraging CSM Group’s experience in the dairy alternatives segment, which covers yoghurt applications, non-dairy creams, ice cream and cheese alternatives.
  • PoLoPo, which uses metabolic engineering and molecular farming in order to recreate egg protein (ovalbumin) from potato crop. Generate will support PoLoPo in exploring all of the possible properties this egg-free solution could have in baking, including foaming, gelation and water binding functions, as well as providing side by side assistance when it comes to process optimisation, regulatory and safety requirements.

Representatives of these startups will also join the talk “Inspiring the Future of Ingredients: Leading the Sustainable Food Evolution through Generate, CSM Group’s Startup Programme” which will be organised by CSM Group at the HackSummit on 13 Jun in the Climate Lab. During this session, Sobolta will discuss how young startups can be supported and why they are key for the future development of the F&B sector together with Uri Weinheber and Ilanit Kabessa, managing partners from URIKA Partners, Itai Cohen, CEO of Gavan, and Maya Sapir-Mi, CEO of PoLoPo.