Creative autonomy: Essential for staying ahead of the curve 

By Pascal Lefèvre, global vice president of food, home, and personal care, Sidel

For many businesses we work with in the food, home, and personal care (FHPC) sector the ability to independently make changes to their manufacturing processes or their product design is paramount to retaining a competitive edge. Retaining creative autonomy for FHPC manufacturers should be a key concern.

At Sidel, we have been working within the FHPC sector for over four decades, providing packaging and line design innovations, solutions and services that prioritise creative autonomy for our clients at their heart.  We know that the design of products and packaging is best left to our customer manufacturers who know their product better than anyone else. Our role is simply to enhance their ability to make creative choices to enhance their existing offering.

Precision packaging and palletising are essential for creative autonomy

Creative autonomy extends to both the shape and design of packaging, and the manufacturing process itself. Ensuring efficiency not only impacts the bottom line but also a manufacturer’s ability to stay ahead of its competitors.

Precision packaging and palletising solutions are not simply about efficient logistics. If manufacturers are safe in the knowledge that their end products are safely arriving at their final destinations, ie in the hands of consumers intact and in pristine condition, this allows them to dedicate more time to product innovation.

Sidel has worked with luxury brands, including Guerlain, to ensure a smooth and solid palletising process using its robotic packing and palletising combi solution. Production and packaging protection are vital in luxury markets and Sidel’s solution met these needs through adapted belt systems fitted with protective felt to ensure limited abrasion on the products.

In addition, Sidel has a strong reputation with many other brands, who opt for our robotic case packers, palletisers, and combi solutions for the high levels of efficiency and product care that this exclusive industry demands. The Champagne and cognac industries have also selected Sidel technology for its traceability and aggregation capabilities.

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