Cortec® Presents Record Number of Technical Papers at EuroCorr 2016!

Cortec® Corporation proudly announces that the company along with its partners will present a record number of eleven technical papers at biggest European Corrosion Conference – EuroCorr, from 11th -15th September in Montpellier, France. This is one of the biggest line-ups ever for a single conference and is a result of long-term, dedicated work and research conducted by Cortec Corporation® and its collaborators.

Cortec®, global manufacturer of environmentally safe corrosion inhibitors will therefore provide a large scientific contribution to corrosion community at this year’s conference. Papers accepted by EuroCorr Committee have been written and created by top scientists in the field of corrosion protection including university professors, research staff, chemists and engineers. Cortec® collaborates with renown technical universities in Europe as well as USA and Asia and is extremely proud of its long-term intensive relationship with scientific community around the world.

This partnership and joint efforts of Cortec®‘s professionals have resulted in most advanced solutions on today’s global corrosion protection market. Synthesis of scientific research and practice is the key to high-technology, innovative and environmentally safe products which are completely replacing conventional hazardous preventatives. These contemporary solutions are main focus of Cortec’s activities and the reason of its leadership in the industry today. 

EuroCorr is most important European corrosion congress which gathers world experts in corrosion protection field with the aim of transferring valuable knowledge and exchanging experiences. Our team is also inviting all interested professionals in the field of corrosion protection to join us at our joint Cortec®/EcoCortec® booth in exhibition hall and get first hand information on latest technologies.