Cortec® Corporation Presents Desicorr® VpCI® Pouches with Unique Dual Action

Through research, testing, and direct knowledge of end user needs, Cortec® continues an ongoing cycle of product improvement. Among Cortec’s wide variety of corrosion inhibiting solutions is Desicorr® VpCI® desiccant technology, whose synergistic action between desiccant and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors provides unparalleled corrosion protection. Desicorr® VpCI® pouches are specially designed two-sided pouches containing a unique combination of desiccant and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI®). These pouches are ideal for protecting packaged ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion. Unlike conventional desiccants, the dual function of the Desicorr® VpCI® pouches reduces moisture in the air (desiccant action) and provides multi-metal protection (VpCI® action) within a package. In essence, the desiccant action allows the VpCI® to have free access to the surface of the metal, without competition from moisture on the metal surface. VpCI® action protects recessed and inaccessible surfaces and continues to provide corrosion protection even when the desiccant is fully spent. VpCI® is self-replenishing to provide ongoing protection after a package is opened and resealed; the protective VpCI® layer does not need removal. Pouches are extremely easy to use and can be easily inserted manually or automatically into packages.

Desicorr® VpCI® is designed to protect products, components, or assemblies when packaged in corrugated boxes, plastic wrap or bags, and wood or metal containers. Successful usages include completed assemblies, parts, components, motors, mechanical controls, precision machined or stamped parts, marine and commercial electronic equipment, electrical equipment, and tools.

Dessicorr® VpCI® Pouches are commercially equivalent to MIL-D-3464E, Type I & Type II and provide multi-metal protection. They are available in both windowed and non-windowed versions (NW). The windowed version contains some indicator spheres that will change colour from yellow to green when the desiccant is fully spent. No degreasing or cleaning of the protected part is required.

VCI Film Comparison

Cortec’s customer manufactures springs and small automotive components. After manufacturing and processing, automotive parts are placed in VCI bags to prevent corrosion during storage and transport. Cortec® Laboratories was asked to test the effectiveness of their current VCI bags and desiccant against Cortec’s VpCI®-126 bags and DesiCorr®.

A loosely wrapped bag of VpCI®-126 and a 1/6 unit of DesiCorr® showed excellent corrosion resistance in ASTM D-1735 conditions at 120 hours. No signs of corrosion were seen on the surfaces of any rings tested with VpCI®-126 and Desicorr®.  Rings protected by yellow VCI film and silica desiccant appeared in adequate condition at 120 hours of testing in ASTM D-1735. Closer inspection of rings from this group showed small signs of corrosion starting on the top surface of the rings.