Continuous Mixing by Gericke

Gericke continuous mixer (Gericke archive)

Gericke continuous mixers have been designed to achieve perfect quality mixtures of powders, granules, flakes, etc.

The proportions of certain ingredients may be very low, for example 0.1 % with perfect mixing. Hence it is possible to introduce sensitive products such as vitamins or probiotic bacteria.

Impregnation, coating, continuous granulation operations, etc. are carried out by adding liquid.

The mean dwell time does not exceed 60 seconds in the mixing chamber; this yields several advantages for the operator:

  • The volume of the mixing chamber can be kept low in spite of hourly flows that can be high if required.
  • The chamber is easy to clean.
  • The rotor drive requires only reduced power. For example the GCM 800, which can process a flow of 10,000 l/h, is equipped with a motor of 3 kW.
  • With a reduced dwell time and low power, this mixer is also suitable for processing sensitive products.
  • With several hundreds of continuous mixing lines already installed worldwide in the food, chemicals, plastics and pharmaceutical industries amongst others, Gericke is able to offer you the technical solution adapted to your needs.

Industrial scaled trials can be carried out in our, with full-scale machines equipped Gericke Test Centre.

Gericke supplies complete feeding, conveying, sifting and mixing systems.