Competek provides Starlite Base Solution together with Supervent Technology for all OEMs in the market

A greener bottle without changing the entire production line or modifying the design of the bottle is now possible thanks to COMPETEK.

The French company – created by the collaboration between two well-known organisations, PET Engineering and COMEP – has launched an innovative service which makes it possible to produce a light-weight bottle with saving up to 1g for the 0.5L-sized bottle and 2g for a 1.5L-sized bottle, thereby reducing the number of materials used, requiring less energy for blow moulding, saving energy overall and minimising the impact of the packaging on the environment.

This solution has been made possible by combining two technologies that are already well established in the market: Starlite, patented by Sidel; and Supervent.

Sidel Starlite Base Solution, available for both flat and carbonated products, helps reduce the weight of the bottle and enhances its performance by increasing the bottle’s resistance and stability once palletised.

Supervent is a technology developed by COMPETEK which, thanks to a system of vents, makes it possible to improve the release of air and therefore to reduce the pressure required for blow moulding, ensuring high energy savings

Sidel Starlite Base Solution and Supervent join forces to provide a unique service

The innovation is that COMPETEK, thanks to a special Licensing Agreement, is able to provide the Sidel Starlite Base Solution to all PET bottle manufacturers, whatever the brand of mould blower. However, the real innovation is that the two above-mentioned technologies applied together can provide an unparalleled service to the market that can be adapted to all ranges and sizes of bottles up to a maximum of 2.5L for carbonated products and 5L for flat products. The solution which, as explained above, will help reduce the amount of material used, potentially saving between one and two euros for each 1000 bottles manufactured and a reduction of 2.4 to 4.8kg of CO2 per 1000 bottles.

Sidel Starlite Base Solution and Supervent can be combined and applied to all moulds irrespective of the customer’s product range. This is achieved through retrofitting and without changing the original design of the bottle, except for the base.

Another feature of the new COMPETEK solution is that it is also compatible with 100% recycled materials, which is essential given the increasingly strict legislation and the requirements for companies to choose more sustainable solutions.

Thanks to its complete range of solutions, COMPETEK is committed to supporting its customers through feasibility tests on sample moulds, which can be carried out either at the customer’s production facility or at COMPETEK’s laboratory. Their goal is to guarantee that the customers’ expectations regarding blowing pressure, the weight of the bottle, performance and processing speed are met.