Collagen sports drinks: Ideal for athletes and active people

Collagen peptides have become a popular ingredient for health-conscious consumers with demand set to continue to soar as its numerous physiological benefits become better understand, as Gelita elaborates more…

Collagen has long been a buzzword in the beauty industry due to its beneficial effect on skin, hair and nails. Yet this protein – abundant in blood vessels, bones, joints, spinal discs, the eyes and fascial tissue – plays a vital role in health and fitness too, particularly for athletes. Thus, many sportspeople face the challenge of redressing the balance of this natural protein, which makes up approximately 30% of the overall protein content in the human body. The solution lies in collagen peptides.

Proven effective
A growing number of scientific studies have confirmed that collagen peptides can stimulate collagen production, and therefore help maintain the health of the body’s connective tissues. Gelita Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP) have been proven effective, and can be easily incorporated in many different applications, from bars to fortified gummies or capsules.

Drinks are another option. This market has high consumer appeal and is therefore booming currently, with innovative beverage concepts bang on trend. Such collagen sports drinks provide an optimal solution for athletes because they can easily integrate them in their usual training routine, and enjoy them on the way to the gym or during exercise.

Solutions for different demands
Traditionally, sports nutrition drinks provide athletes with an energy boost while also replacing water and electrolytes lost through sweating. Collagen drinks offer an additional advantage due to their positive effects on performance and exercise capacity – particularly important for those athletes who are prone to certain injuries. Nowadays, consumers have varying needs and demands when it comes to these kinds of drinks. While some are looking for performance or muscle-building options, others are looking for a supply of nutrients or a product that quickly counteracts wear and tear injuries as well as reducing the risk of injuries. This drove Gelita to offer various types of BCP, all with different health benefits.

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