Colbert Packaging installs Eagle Systems’ cold foil on an RMGT Ryobi Press

Eagle Systems, a developer and manufacturer of foil enhancement equipment, has announced that Colbert Packaging has installed an Eco-Eagle Cold Foil Module on their new RMGT Ryobi V3000 press. The installation, which was completed in early June, marks the very first Eco-Eagle on a Ryobi in North America.

Colbert Packaging Corporation, a provider of paperboard packaging solutions, installed the system to meet a growing demand for impactful and eye-catching graphics for consumer products. The 60-year old organisation remains an independent family-owned operation, with more than 300 employees located throughout three different manufacturing facilities in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Lon Johnson, senior vice-president of business development at Colbert, said, “Customers choose Colbert because of our dedication to a tradition of excellence, passionately embraced by our production team. Our average employee tenure is over 10 years, with many 20 plus. And our continual investment in capital equipment means we can offer our customers the latest and greatest technology in packaging production.”

Serving many of the most notable providers in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer goods markets, Colbert Packaging’s clientele have already begun to benefit from the installation of the Eagle Systems Cold Foil’s production capabilities to add colours and metallic accent to their printed products.

“Product marketers turn to cold foil application for an edgy and unique way to get noticed,” he added. “Cold foil effects are an impactful tool for enhancing product on-shelf appearance. This is particularly crucial for cosmetic and beauty packaging, and OTC healthcare product packaging, where a sea of competitors vie for consumer attention and share-of-mind.”

Bill Snyder, vice-president of operations for Colbert, said,  “The Eco-Eagle Cold Foil Module from Eagle Systems represents a vastly improved alternative to specialty inks or hot foil solutions. The cold foil option provides a true metallic surface, applied directly to the substrate, producing a truer look and feel of foil. And, Eagle’s custom-designed metallic fine lines, screens and gradient effects are limitless. Operating in-line with our Ryobi press, projects are finished at the press, making embellishment turnaround nearly insignificant. For the growing numbers concerned about sustainability, paperboard packaging printed, using the cold foil process, is also 100% recyclable, a valuable bonus.”

Mike King, president and CEO of Eagle Systems, commented, “Cold Foil enables service providers to offer their clients an innovative option that transcends the demands of their most high-end customers. It gives them the ability to say ‘yes’ to more projects, with less time and money required to make it happen.”

“Eagle Systems has impressed us with their unique consultative selling approach. Their customer support, both pre- and post-sale, is solid. They offer terrific service after the sale and have guided us through all the phases of our learning curve. Their onsite assistance makes all the difference when complex projects require technical support,” Snyder concluded.