Coffee: Delicious and eco-friendly packaged

Sustainable solutions for mono-material films and vacuum technology by Syntegon Technology can offset environmental concerns surrounding coffee cultivation.

Few luxury foods have endured in its popularity as coffee. People around the globe enjoy the versatile beverage. Consumers not only value delicious coffee but are growing increasingly concerned with the product’s environmental impact, and that largely depends on its packaging waste. Thus, alternative packaging concepts that protect the planet just as well as coffee beans are on the rise.

Sustainable packaging has swiftly gained awareness in Asia in recent years. Here, coffee has not only been grown for several centuries and exported all over the world; it is also becoming increasingly popular among Asian consumers, especially with young people. In Indonesia, for example, the domestic coffee consumption has quadrupled since 1990. For 2019 and 2020, the country has consumed 4.8 million 60kg bags of coffee1. With these increasing quantities in mind, consumers demand for eco-friendlier concepts to balance out environmental factors of coffee cultivation, leading to an increasing engagement of manufacturers in developing sustainable solutions.

The full article can be found on Food & Beverage Asia’s October/November 2022 issue here.