Closing the loop

In this contributed article, Salzgitter group CEO Gunnar Groebler and KHS CEO Kai Acker outlined their sustainability goals and describe the challenges that need to be mastered along the way.

Gunnar Groebler, chairman of the executive board of Salzgitter

Society, industry and business are currently undergoing a period of radical change: in their striving for climate neutrality, more and more companies are making their contribution to decarbonisation and a sustainable economy. Salzgitter, KHS’ parent company, is no exception: with its Salzgitter AG 2030 strategy defined at the beginning of 2022, the group has joined the social and political movement and devoted itself entirely to the principle of circularity.

“We want to establish ourselves as a leading company for the circular economy,” stressed CEO Gunnar Groebler, who before taking up his post in 2021 spent over twenty years helping to transform the energy sector to renewable energies.

“Circularity encompasses the four principles of reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink that we will focus on in all of our future actions,” explained Groebler. “By using finite resources with greater awareness, we aim to minimise the use of these in the economic cycle — this is reflected in the use of the term ‘reduce’. For us, ‘reuse’ means keeping the resources we take from our natural surroundings in economic use for as long as possible. By ‘recycle’ we mean making raw materials from products already consumed reusable to save on resources. And with the motto of ‘rethink’ we’re continuously questioning our habits and processes.”

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