Climax Foods raises US$7.5m seed round to transform the food system

The company plans to attract talents and investors who see plant-based as a preemptive solution to the next global health crisis.

Climax Foods, the data science company innovating the future of food, has raised US$7.5 million in seed funding to create a smarter and simpler way to make food by converting plants, with less processing, into products with the same or better taste as animal-based products, at a price point accessible to all consumers.

Prompted by the urgency to create a more sustainable food system, and the risk of future pandemics caused by pathogens making the leap to humans from animals used in food, Climax Foods intersects data science and food science to address the complex problem of removing animals from the food system by creating a more direct path from plants to products. By examining at the molecular level what makes animal products craveable, the company will address how plants can be optimally used to replace unsustainable diets current centered around animals.

Climax Foods aims to make products that are “smarter and safer” for consumers than their animal-based predecessors. To unlock the full potential of plants, an infinite number of ways to combine the hundreds of thousands of plant sources would need to be investigated. To simplify this task, Climax Foods has created machine learning frameworks to unlock all that plants naturally have to offer. The substantial seed round will provide capital to fuel deep research in taste, flavour, texture, and nutrition of the most desired animal-based food categories, starting with cheese.

Oliver Zahn, CEO of Climax Foods, explained: “Today, more than 90% of all mammalian animals and more than 70% of all birds on the planet exist for the sole purpose of metabolising plants and being turned into food. This industry is complex and wasteful, creating as much climate change as all modes of transportation combined, and using more than a third of the earth’s water and usable land. By speeding up food science innovation, Climax Foods is able to convert plants into equally craveable foods without the environmental impact.”