Chemometric Brain and 1-2-Taste announce partnership to make digitised food QC more accessible

Chemometric Brain, a digitised quality control and Testing-as-a-Service software based on near infrared technology (NIR) that ensures the traceability, suitability and homogeneity of ingredients and final food products, has established a partnership with 1-2-Taste, a digital ingredients and services marketplace. The former will be introducing its services to ingredients and food producers, allowing the latter’s customers to assure that any food ingredients and final food products fulfil the specifications as required.

1-2-Taste combines the offerings of both ingredient suppliers and service companies in one digital marketplace. With its marketplace platform, 1-2-Taste brings forth food ingredients and services to food producers to develop innovative products for customers that have increasing demands, when it comes to quality, traceability, sustainability and health benefits.

Geoff Carss, chief development officer at Chemometric Brain, commented: “This partnership with 1-2-Taste allows us to address our services to producers and ingredients’ suppliers, which are at the core of our business, since Chemometric Brain’s quality control technique is very effective in identifying raw materials and ingredient blends, thus digitising quality and certifying suppliers for a better quality control and traceability.”

The cooperation between Chemometric Brain and 1-2-Taste will enable Chemometric Brain to offer its services to a wide audience of food producers in Europe so that SMEs can also access spectroscopic techniques in a “simple and affordable” way. The Chemometric Brain software identifies the components of any ingredient or food product in powder, liquid, solid or gel in seconds. Food producers can start testing via simple analysis, drawn from extensive-product libraries, to provide day-one results, without the need for an external lab, in any segment of the food industry; and, as a result, to be able to ensure full quality and traceability, within the value chain.

Jasper Schouten, CEO for 1-2-Taste, concluded: “It is great to have a company like Chemometric Brain on the 1-2-Taste digital distribution platform as they offer a simple and cost-effective alternative to traditional lab testing. We are sure that our customer base will embrace Chemometric Brain’s services as it will give these food producers an edge to be more versatile and faster to market while also being more cost-effective.”