Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes and KHS continue decades-long cooperation

The Innofill Can DVD at Quilmes has a filling capacity of 90,000 cans per hour. This can be increased to a maximum of 135,000 cans per hour if required

Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes has fully replaced a glass line at its facility in Buenos Aires with KHS technology for can filling and packaging. Quilmes recently invested in theKHS Innofill Can DVD can filler, along with packers, palletisers, and other equipment.

“Quilmes approached us with their wish for a new canning line in order to better meet the growing demand in this segment,” said David Servio, KHS key account manager for AB InBev South America. “Besides running our own production site in Brazil, we also maintain a tight-knit local sales and service network made up of experienced specialist personnel. This means that we were able to deliver and commission the new machines quickly. Quilmes really appreciates this competitive advantage.”

The Innofill Can DVD currently has a filling capacity of 90,000 cans per hour – the rate can be increased to a maximum output of 135,000 containers per hour. The machine’s hygienic design also ensures product quality and safety during filling. Furthermore, the volumetric filling principle presents filling accuracy and fast product changeovers.

“Our can filler can easily process all varieties of beer in the Quilmes portfolio. It’s just as flexible when converting over to the various formats, with the 350-mililitre size the most popular at the moment,” said Servio. The biggest market by far is Argentina, with the brand nevertheless also very popular in Chile, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. “We consider this project to be a major success for AB InBev, for of all the canning lines we’ve commissioned in the same period in various parts of the world, this one had the strongest ramp-up and far exceeded the expected volume. It also satisfies all of the requirements of our global technical specifications and our worldwide quality standards,” stressed Marcelo Petramale, global manager for packaging engineering and CapEx at AB InBev.

Quilmes has also invested in two packaging systems: the Innopack Kisters SP shrink packer, and the Innopack Kisters PSP pad shrink packer, which wrap its packs either in film only or on pads and in film.

The Innopal PB NF non-returnables palletiser is a low-level pack feed that palletises a range of different packs. The dry section is rounded off by the Innopal AS H depalletizer, where its servotechnology reduces maintenance and feeds the new containers to the packaging line with minimum loss.

“Our employees were instructed on all machines in two phases, both before and after commissioning,” said Paulo Zeferino, AB InBev implementation coordinator for ZBS South America Zone. Should the brewery need further support from KHS, it can also use KHS’s remote-control system.

“This service is a huge help with maintenance or minor repairs. We can rest assured that KHS will provide us with support at any time quickly and efficiently without actually having to be on site,” Zeferino added. “And should more intensive maintenance or larger repairs be necessary, our KHS colleagues aren’t that far away.”