Cargill strengthens gourmet chocolate offerings with €3.5m investment

Expansion in Belgian Kalmthout site to further improve flexibility and time to market.

Cargill has invested €3.5 million in its site in Kalmthout, Belgium to increase its capabilities for producing gourmet chocolate. The investment adds a fifth gourmet production line and new chocolate tanks within the existing facility, providing greater flexibility in production.

Inge Demeyere, managing director of Cargill’s chocolate activities in Europe, commented: “This investment strengthens the extended gourmet chocolate offerings that we acquired with Cargill’s purchase of Smet in 2019. With the complementary offering of Veliche gourmet couvertures and Smet decorations, we are able to provide additional choice and meet increased demand in the gourmet segment, including out industrial customers.”

The investment provides access to enhanced innovation capabilities and an extended customer network. The new chocolate tanks will also allow for improved dedicated storage and piping to provide full flexibility to its customer requirements.

“With Smet, a Belgium-based supplier of chocolate and sweets decoration, we have worked hard to uphold our customers’ trust, ensuring deep customer intimacy and high speed-to-market with new decoration technology, enhanced production capabilities and a wide-ranging product portfolio,” Demeyere concluded.

The expansion is set to be completed by the end of this year.