Cardi-O-Mato™ Makes Global Retail Debut in 412 Boots Stores

Cardi-O-Mato™, Lycored’s tomato-based heart health ingredient solution, has made its world debut in the retail market for dietary supplements.

The formulation is the star ingredient of CardioMato®, a new daily food supplement manufactured and marketed by Vita Healthcare and launched in 412 Boots stores across the UK. 

The CardioMato® dietary supplement is sold in packs of 30 capsules, each containing a potent dose of Lycored’s Cardi-O-Mato™ tomato nutrient complex in combination with 25mg of Vitamin B1 (thiamine), which is approved by EFSA to carry the claim that it contributes to the normal function of the heart. Backed by a major advertising and PR campaign the brand has attracted extensive coverage in consumer media, including on MailOnline and in the Daily Express, as well as in popular consumer magazines.

Cardi-O-Mato™ contains specific ratios of six tomato-derived nutrients optimised to support cardiovascular health. Its unique combination – including a 1:1 ratio between lycopene and phytosterols – has been demonstrated in clinical trials to support cardiovascular wellness, help maintain blood pressure within the normal range and to help support a healthy circulatory system. It is approved for sale in Europe, the US and many markets throughout Asia. 

Golan Raz, Senior Vice President of the Health Nutrition Division at Lycored, said:

“We’re delighted that Cardi-O-Mato™ has received a vote of confidence from one of the UK’s largest retailers, demonstrating its potential to help manufacturers reach consumers in markets across the world. The launch of the CardioMato® food supplement is a major proof of concept and a sign of the huge potential of our powerful, effective and unique tomato nutrient complex.”

He continued: “As well as responding to the growing importance of cardiovascular health in major dietary supplement markets, Cardi-O-Mato™ taps into other key consumer trends: it is food-based, free from artificial ingredients, derived from sustainable sources, and supported by extensive clinical trials. It’s hugely exciting that it has made its commercial debut, especially through a retailer with the high profile and extensive reach of Boots.”   

Maury Eleini, Director of Vita Healthcare, commented: “Cardiovascular disease is one of the biggest killers in the UK and people are looking for effective and natural ways to help them prevent and address it. The Lycored natural lycopene complex we use in our CardioMato® supplements is 70% more beneficial than synthetic lycopene, and by combining it with thiamine we have created a nutritional solution that maintains a normal heart function with a brand proposition that really resonates with consumers. Nineteen years ago we launched Lyc-O-Mato®, a supplement for general health and wellbeing that also contains Lycored’s natural lycopene. This has gone on to become the UK’s biggest selling 100% natural lycopene brand and we are confident that CardioMato® can emulate this level of success.”

Lycored will showcase Cardi-O-Mato™ at the forthcoming Vitafoods Europe 2016 trade fair, where it has been nominated for a NutraIngredients Award in the category for Finished Product of the Year – Heart Health. Exhibiting on Stand G42, Lycored is supporting Cardi-O-Mato™ with a new marketing campaign called ‘This is not a Miracle Cure’, which emphasises the company’s commitment to scientific principles and highlights that dietary supplements should form just one part of a healthy lifestyle, in combination with a balanced diet, regular physical exercise and positive mental wellbeing.

Supported by numerous clinical trials, Cardi-O-Mato™ manages and addresses various conditions that affect heart health, with measurable results in just six weeks. It has been shown to reduce oxidised LDL cholesterol, lower systolic blood pressure already within the normal range, and preserve the endothelium, which lines artery walls and supports the proper functioning of blood vessels among healthy populations.

Cardi-O-Mato™ contains a synergistic composition of the active compounds found in tomato fruit including lycopene, phytoene, phytofluene, beta-carotene, phytosterols and tocopherols (vitamin E), which have been standardised and optimised to support their heart healthy qualities, with the final composition tested for effectiveness using pharma-grade human trials.

Golan Raz added: “Cardiovascular wellness is a critical health concern.  Cardiovascular disease impacts more than 100 million families globally each year, and is a leading cause of death. Simple, safe and clinically substantiated solutions that support cardiovascular health represent a huge opportunity to help individuals live a longer and happier life.

“Our heart-healthy tomato extract works to normalise vascular endothelia function and protect cells from oxidative stress. The launch of the CardioMato® supplement in Boots means consumers can take a giant step towards a healthier heart with just one easy-to-swallow soft gel per day.”

To find out more about Cardi-O-Mato™ visit Lycored on Stand G42 at Vitafoods Europe (Palexpo, Geneva, 10-12 May 2016).