Capture coated snacks market with centrifugal action

Defined by their crunch, freshness and flavoursome ingredients, coated snacks are created when food-based ingredients in the form of liquids or solids are sprayed onto a product to enhance its texture and taste. In addition to flavouring the product, coatings are also applied to protect the primary ingredients, enhance shelf life, and for decorative or product differentiation purposes.

Coated snacks hold a significant market share in the global snacks market, and consumers are drawn to the taste, texture and appearance of these products. Changing consumption patterns and a shift towards more sustainable, plant-based and immunity-boosting products is increasing demand in this segment and processors must be ready to take advantage.

The Asia-Pacific region is seeing growth in the snack and nut coatings market, and this is driven by increased consumption of overall snacks and edible nuts. In addition, improved economic conditions in major snack-consuming countries like China and India, are expected to have a positive impact on this market long-term.

The snack food industry is exploring new flavours beyond savoury, salty and sweet.  Advancements in food processing technology are helping food processors take advantage of this opportunity and create new and exciting coatings for their products.

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