Californian farmers deliver a taste of resilience

For consumers around the world, the term “California grown” brings to mind two distinct features: quality and taste. The Golden State’s rich temperate Mediterranean climate has endowed the region with fertile soil, and its farmers’ attention to sustainability and innovation continues to supply more than 400 commodities globally. At the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the board is committed to strengthening the local agricultural network and supporting the international expansion of Californian produce.

“We’re providing resources for our farmers to implement more sustainability practices on the land, to increase the resiliency to climate change, and we are also investing directly into agricultural technology and innovation, so that we can make our food supply chain even more efficient,” shared Christine Birdsong, Undersecretary of the CDFA, in her opening remarks at the Taste of California event hosted by the food authority.

Indeed, the need for support towards farmers has never been more urgent. The emerging effects of climate change has altered the agricultural landscape in California, with recent drought compelling farmers to be smarter and more resilient in maximising water resources while also maintaining the quality and quantity of produce.

The full article can be found on Food & Beverage Asia’s October/November 2022 issues here.