Butter Processing at its Best

SPX FLOW Continuous Butter Making Machine 

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – SPX FLOW is a leading expert in butter processing. With significant impact on costs and product quality; butter yield, consistency, moisture content, water droplet distribution and air content are the most important parameters in butter production. Through continuous research and development in this area, SPX FLOW offers some of the most innovative and efficient solutions for all aspects of production.

The SPX FLOW Continuous Butter Making Machine integrates cream pre-heating and buttermilk cooling. It offers a high degree of remote or automatic control and a high level of flexibility in working intensity and moisture distribution; all designed to help improve operational efficiency.

GS Butter Reworker 

The GS Butter Reworker can rework butter directly from the cold store without prior tempering. Designed to simplify production logistics, the machine has no cutting at its inlet and so minimizes mechanical shear for lower energy use. The technology can process high volumes of butter while ensuring exceptionally consistent moisture levels through controlled butter flow and inline moisture dosing. When used in repackaging applications, the Reworker reduces air content to exceptionally low levels and enables flexible adjustment of final product composition through the inclusion of additional ingredients such as water, butter milk or salt. A melting unit can be installed after the re-worker if required. 

The SPX FLOW Cold Mix Process optimizes mixing by controlling speed across mixers, pumps and other machinery to reduce energy consumption. The process includes the dynamic BMX Butter Mixer. This in-line mixer enables dosing directly into the mixer house, which means a prompt mixing of the ingredients with the butter. Whatever the dosing requirements (hot fat, water, salt, cultures etc.) the mixer gives high shear in a very short amount of time, ensuring excellent homogenization for exceptional final product quality. 

SPX FLOW is one of the world’s leading providers of butter making technology and these are just some examples of the innovative solutions it has developed. Its butter processes are designed for optimum efficiency and sustainability as well as production flexibility to meet current and future product requirements. Customers are further supported by leading Innovation Centers that house leading butter, fats and oil specialists that can help achieve even the most demanding of production targets, trialing new processes and recipes, and getting new products to market more quickly. Overall, SPX FLOW is the partner of choice with proven capability in the supply of reliable, efficient and flexible butter making solutions.