Bühler launches Uniline rice mill concept in SEA

New rice mill concept aims to support local rice self-sufficiency in South East Asia.

Bühler has released a new integrated rice mill concept optimised for South East Asia’s rice varieties. Uniline rice mills are all-inclusive equipment packages, which can be installed and running within 18 weeks from order, the company claimed.

Vanney d’Hostel, head of business intelligence, South East Asia, Bühler, said: “Early months of the COVID-19 virus crisis have shown vulnerabilities in rice supply chains worldwide. Due to lockdowns, restrictions in movement of the workforce have stressed needs for more automated mills. At the same time, disruption in supply chains and fast-changing protectionist policies have highlighted the need for shorter and distributed rice supply chains.”

With many countries and provinces now ramping up plans to increase self-sufficiency in rice production, Bühler anticipates public and private sector will tend to prioritise simpler, more robust and decentralised solutions to the food supply chains.

Asif Abbas, regional manager for rice, South East Asia, Bühler, added: “The fundamental idea behind Uniline is that it is an all-inclusive rice mill delivered to the site. It includes all the equipment, the automation systems and the prefabricated steel structure needed to create a compact 2-level rice mill.”

Uniline relies on an optimised concept delivered by Bühler, which allows the Swiss company to achieve 15% energy savings in a 40% smaller footprint compared to conventional rice mills. Project speed is also increased, with commissioning taking place 18 weeks from the order with the support of local Bühler installation teams.

“This all-inclusive package reduces the project’s complexity for rice millers, who will now have a single point of contact accountable for their entire mill,” Abbas added.

The Uniline rice mill is available for orders in South East Asia in three capacity options – 5 tonnes per hour, 8 tonnes per hour, and 10 tonnes per hour.