Bühler expands TUBO conveyor line with a new eight-inch tube for higher capacity

The TUBO lowers energy consumption through reduced friction in the conveying process and offers flexibility and efficiency in the setup and retrofit of plants

Bühler has announced the launch of a new eight-inch TUBO tubular push conveyor. With the new solution customers in malting and brewing, milling, coffee, oat flakes, and animal feed processing industries can benefit from an increase of 80% of throughput capacity, reaching up to 43 tons per hour.

“The new addition builds on the success of the revolutionary TUBO system with push technology. With the new eight-inch tubes we offer a system for an even broader range of applications with higher capacity requirements,” said Stefan Anshelm, product manager grain quality and supply at Bühler.

Up to now, the system has been available with tubes in five-inch and six-inch diameters with a throughput ranging from 12 tons per hour to 24 tons per hour. The new TUBO with eight-inch tubes allows for capacities of 40 to 43 tons per hour. The system transports products gently over distances of up to 50 meters in all directions.

“With lighter loads and fewer bends in the system’s configuration this can be increased to 70m,” said Markus Huber, product engineer at Bühler.

Pushing instead of pulling

Like previous releases, the new eight-inch TUBO follows the simple and effective principle of pushing instead of pulling. Loose pusher elements called TUBITs are pushed inside the tubular construction moving material gently from inlets to outlets.

“The TUBO concept has many advantages over conventional pneumatic systems or mechanical conveyors such as bucket and chain conveyors. These conventional systems require more space, more conveying components to transport material in different directions, and additional explosion protection such as decoupling devices,” said Anshelm.

Low energy consumption and maximum flexibility

The TUBO lowers energy consumption through reduced friction in the conveying process and offers flexibility and efficiency in the setup and retrofit of plants. Its push technology allows configurations in three dimensions. With its reduced space requirements TUBO also reduces investments in building costs.

More flexibility and higher levels of food safety

The modular construction and low weight of individual components allows the system to be easily assembled by a small team. The plug and play TUBO comes equipped with its own controls and is fully operational within a short amount of time.

Low transportation speeds prevent damage to the conveyed goods. The TUBO transports sensitive materials at speeds as low as 0.2-0.3m per second. This is ideal for sensitive products such as coffee.

Conveying products with TUBO ensures a system free of residues. As some dust can build up over time, a specially designed drive station enables the removal of particles during operation. This is important for operators that use one conveying line for different products and need to avoid contamination.

TUBO has proven its reliability in operation at many plants around the world. Offering cost savings, a flexible design, and gentle product handling while maintaining highest sanitation and safety standards, TUBO helps operators in several industries to improve the efficiency of their production lines.

“With the option for greater capacity, the TUBO is now available for even more applications in the brewing and malting, milling and related food and feed industries,” said Anshelm. “This means that even more customers can benefit from cost savings and unparalleled efficiency and flexibility.”