Bühler and Premier Tech introduce the Chronos OML-1060 automated packaging equipment

Launch of the first packaging equipment from the Premier Tech and Bühler strategic partnership.

Bühler and Premier Tech have jointly launched their latest product. With the former’s footprint and market position in China and latter’s knowledge in the field of automated packaging technologies, the Chronos OML-1060 marks the first of many solutions to be developed through this joint venture in creating flexible packaging solutions.

Designed for the grain, food and feed industries, the OML-1060 is manufactured in Premier Tech and Bühler’s joint design and manufacturing centre in China, and is packed with the same design and technology utilised in their existing solutions produced in Europe.

As the first solution introduced under the Premier Tech-Bühler alliance, the OML-1060 can manage free-flowing granular material such as animal feed, pet food, rice, seeds, and plastic pellets. It can manage 20-50kg bags at a speed of up to 600 bags/hour. It is a system that has been designed to run any type of bag, including non-laminated poly woven that can be a challenge to fill due to their irregular properties. It is also compatible with some of the most common bag closing systems.

Its footprint optimises floorspace, and its lean design eases operation and maintenance. Safety being a priority for both Bühler and Premier Tech, this enclosed automatic packaging technology requires limited operator interaction, enabling better working conditions.

The Chronos OML-1060 combines the knowledge of the two companies in their field of expertise, leveraging the processing and packaging experience for the producers of granular food and feed products. It has been developed to meet a market demand for a flexible, accurate and yet cost-effective automatic bagging solution.