BOGE expands its product portfolio

Thanks to the highly efficient permanent magnet motor, the new models in the C-series offer higher free air delivery for the same power consumption (Photo credit: BOGE KOMPRESSOREN)

Selected C-series models now with highly efficient permanent magnet motor

Compact design, flexible combination and now more efficient than ever before, BOGE now offers some of its C-series screw compressors with highly efficient permanent magnet motors. The compressed air specialist expands its product portfolio with even more sustainable solutions for compressed air generation. C-series compressors are ideal for use in any sector requiring reliable compressed air. Thanks to the broad range of possible combinations with accessories and control systems, all uses can be covered.

Screw compressors in BOGE’s C-series have always stood out thanks to their compact construction principle and modular structure: even when operating as a fully equipped compressed air station with receiver and dryer, BOGE screw compressors still have the smallest footprint in their class. In the 5.5 to 11kW performance range, BOGE has now fitted some models with a permanent magnet motor. The C 7 PM model with a rated output of 5.5kW for the drive motor offers the best combination on the market of free air delivery and efficiency with low noise levels and a reduced footprint. In the 7.5kW performance class, the new C 9 PM improves on its predecessor with improved free air delivery and efficiency, also making it “best in class”.

High ease of maintenance thanks to separate components

These compressors are designed to provide high free air delivery over time. The new permanent magnet motor ensures that higher free air deliveries are possible despite consuming the same amounts of power. This means users benefit from reduced compressor energy consumption: in the case of the C 9 PM, the savings are over 6%.

“Unlike many of its competitors, BOGE designs its compressors with the airend and permanent magnet motor as separate components. This offers numerous advantages, including considerably improved ease of maintenance for the device,” said Nalin Amunugama, general manager of BOGE Kompressoren Asia Pacific.

Thanks to their modular construction, these C-series compressors with permanent magnet motor can be combined specific to the customer’s requirements. For example, users can install the machine on its own or in combination with a receiver (model R), or even with a dryer (model DR). All the compressors are also fully compatible with the highly advanced master control systems from BOGE for simple, efficient control and optimised operations. The new screw compressors with permanent magnet motor are available from BOGE as of 1 September, 2021.