Blendhub wins the Best Sustainability Project Award at the Foodtech Innovation Awards

Blendhub has won The Best Sustainability Project Award at the Foodtech Innovation Awards, in the context of the first edition of Food 4 Future, the largest innovation event in Europe for the food industry. The awards were presented last night at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (Spain).

This category, in which Bolton Food and Foods Connected were also finalists, seeks to recognise the work of any company, platform or technological application that is impacting and transforming the food and beverage industry through solutions linked to the digital and technological sphere.

Henrik S. Kristensen, founder and CEO of Blendhub, commented: “This award is the industry’s recognition of Blendhub’s innovative business model, based on multi-localisation and technology to help any food company produce in a more efficient and sustainable way anywhere in the world”.

This multi-localised food production model (infrastructure as a service) is open to any agri-food company, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and startups seeking introduction to new markets, as it facilitates production anywhere in the world without need to invest in own infrastructure. However, it is also open to big food and ingredients company understanding that localised production is the only way to be competitive.

Decentralisation of production fosters optimisation of supply chains: by manufacturing closer to raw materials and final consumers, the cost of final food products can decrease by 20-50%; transportation is reduced and logistics are optimised, which at the same time means a lower environmental impact.