Bionetix prepares to make “clean sweep” on grease, odour, wastewater problems at ISSA North America

Waste, dirt and odour buildup are parts of everyday life. They are also byproducts of a bustling economy. For instance, a productive food industry generates high levels of waste fats, oils, and greases (FOG) that can ultimately clog drains or grease traps and overload wastewater treatment systems. Heavily used restrooms, portable toilets, and septic systems get dirty, cause odour problems, or experience sludge buildup. While waste eventually break down through natural processes, facility owners can speed up biodegradation, enhance cleaning, and avoid hazardous chemical products through the use of natural biologicals from Bionetix. 

Bionetix will be highlighting a number of its biotechnology solutions at the upcoming ISSA Show North America, which will be held from 18-21 November 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the US. This convention brings together cleaning and maintenance industry professionals to share ideas, make connections, and discover solutions for their cleaning and maintenance needs. Bionetix will be exhibiting its natural biological solutions, which relies on the activity of “good” bacteria to accelerate the natural waste degradation process. 

Bionetix places non-pathogenic microorganisms to work doing what they love to do: eat contaminants. While some microbes prefer the FOG prevalent in a restaurant industry, others prefer cellulose, starches, and proteins that may comprise a higher percentage of waste in different industries. Whatever the target contaminant, Bionetix technologies are designed and selected for optimal performance in specific applications: 

  • Septic tank maintenance (Bio-Boost Tablet 1T, Fizzy Tab)
  • Drain and grease trap flow improvement (Eco-Drain, GTC 3X, BioBloc22)
  • Portable toilet/urinal treatment (Porta-Treat, Urinal Blocks)
  • Municipal wastewater treatment “seeding” startup (BCP50)
  • General odour control (Hygiea2200)
  • General cleaning (Eco-Clean-All)

Bionetix leverages the power of “good” bacteria and nutrients to enhance cleaning formulations and reduce on sludge, blockages and odours. Instead of masking the odour, Bionetix biologicals release enzymes that destroy the odour causing compounds at the root of the problem, leaving simple carbon dioxide and water as byproducts. The same principals are applied in Bionetix biological cleaners, detergents that work on organic stains. Microorganisms in the formulation enhance cleaning power in an efficient and natural way. 

Bionetix biologicals have been used around the world to produce many other natural solutions for soil remediation, crop enhancement, water clarity, and aquaculture health, as well. They not only serve as direct solutions for end users but are also available in custom-made private label format for entrepreneurs who want to start their own line — or for established brand names that are ready to enter the emerging biotechnology market for themselves.