Bioiberica teams up with ByHealth to bring native type II collagen to China

Bioiberica has partnered with ByHealth to develop a new product for its market-leading joint health brand – Highflex. Formed in direct response to the increasing number of physically active consumers seeking joint health solutions, the partnership reinforces the position of both companies as recognised players in the global mobility market. Predominantly associated with skin health across Asia, the collaboration aims to educate Chinese consumers about the benefits of collagen supplementation on joint health.

ByHealth’s Highflex type II collagen tablets leverage Bioiberica’s native (undenatured) type II collagen ingredient, Collavant n2, which has been shown to improve knee discomfort and function1. The tablets are the first product to result from the companies’ strategic partnership, and boosts ByHealth’s well-established Highflex offering, which saw a 29.25% revenue increase in the first half of 2021 and is already the leading joint health brand in China. By partnering with Bioiberica, ByHealth aims to capitalise on the untapped potential of new product development with native type II collagen and respond to the growing number of consumers looking to support their mobility with effective, convenient products across the country.

“China is a particularly interesting and dynamic territory in the global mobility market. It has a large ageing population and an emerging health-conscious younger generation, but collagen for joint health and mobility is a relatively new concept. There is therefore significant opportunity for brands looking to target Chinese consumers – especially if they educate them about the benefits of collagen beyond skin and beauty,” commented Jaume Reguant, healthcare director at Bioiberica.

He added: “We’re always seeking new collaborative partnerships with forward-thinking manufacturers that want to respond to emerging trends with the latest science and ingredient innovations. Bringing together ByHealth’s well-respected brand with our technical understanding has allowed both companies to reinforce its place in a fast-growing mobility market. We’re very proud to have been able to work so closely with the team at ByHealth to bring Highflex type II collagen tablets to life and provide consumers with an effective solution that helps them achieve their health and wellness goals. We’re already in talks about further collaborations and excited to see how our partnership will grow.”

With over 25 years’ experience in joint health and mobility, Bioiberica’s mission is to provide holistic, on-trend mobility solutions. Via collaboration with global partners it shares extensive marketing, regulatory and scientific knowledge to help brands bring cutting-edge developments to market. 


1 Bakilan, F. et al. Eurasian J. Med. 2016;48:95-101.