Bimbosan and ProAmpac announce ProActive renewable bio-based packaging for baby nutrition

ProAmpac will be producing its first ProActive Renewable products for the baby food market with Bimbosan’s newest baby formula, cereal supplements and cereals paps. The new bag, which utilises 65% bio-based resin in the sealant layer, was a collaboration innovation between Binbosan, a producer of specialty baby food, and ProAmpac.

Adrian Haeberli, general manager for global flexibles division, ProAmpac, explained: “As the trend towards more organic options for baby foods and formula continues to grow, so does the demand of sustainable packaging alternatives. The ability to create a bag containing renewable material that is designed to meet the requirements for organic baby formula without sacrificing barrier properties or graphics is what makes ProActive Renewable a remarkable innovation.”

Bimbosan’s baby formula, cereal supplements and cereal paps utilises ProAmpac’s ProActive Renewable solution, containing a bio-based resin that comes from non-fossil fuel sources. The flat-bottom form fill sealed bag contains more than 65% bio-resin in the sealant layer, and results in the total packaging being comprised of over 40% bio-based material. The cultivation of bio-resins utilises carbon dioxide and released oxygen to give bioplastic a negative carbon footprint.

Manuel Jaggi, product development and innovation manager for ProAmpac, added: “By reformulating and optimising the polyethylene sealant layer, we were able to reduce the weight of the final packaging by 10%. Adding to the sustainable design of the package, it is foil-free while still offering excellent barrier to protect from light, moisture, oxygen and mineral oils that would alter or even rot the sensitive powder inside.”

Daniel Bärlocher, general manager from Bimbosan, concluded: “Bimbosan has always had the claim to produce special and sustainable products for babies. This is expressed in various aspects of the company philosophy. For example, no palm oil is used in production, local suppliers are considered, and a large number of the products are produced in organic quality.

“The fact that ProAmpac’s primary packaging can now also be produced in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way supports our efforts to leave an intact environment for our children.”