Berthold’s measurement solutions for the sugar industry deliver improved quality and efficiency

Berthold Technologies measurement solutions are designed for applications in the sugar industry. Sugar mills globally rely on the Berthold measurement systems.

The systems are applied in multiple process steps in the course of the sugar manufacturing process. Regardless of whether information about the °Brix value, concentration, density or the moisture content is required, Berthold’s instruments show accuracy, reliability and do not require regular maintenance.

These are the advantages of Berthold’s measurement solutions for the sugar industry:

  • Continuous online concentration measurement
  • No wear and tear of components as with other technologies
  • Pre-calibrated system
  • °Brix measurement of raw, thin and thick juices, in the crystallisers, seed magma (pied-de-cuite), mixers, in solution and on molasses
  • Solid matter content measurement on raw and industrial milk of lime
  • Moisture content measurement of crystallised sugar during sugar cube production as well as of pressed pulp, dry pulp or bagasse.
  • Maintenance-free system

The solutions can be applied in:

  • °Brix measurement in raw, thin and tick juice            
  • °Brix in all evaporation steps
  • Measuring °Brix in the crystallizer (vacuum pans)
  • °Brix Measurement on the run-offs
  • Measuring density (°Bé) of milk of lime in the purification process
  • Measuring moisture in sugar beet slices and bagasse
  • Measuring mass flow rate of sugar beets or sugar cane
  • Measuring moisture in sugar cube production