BENEO Showcases Range of Dietary Fibres at Food Ingredients China

FIC 2016, Shanghai (23rd – 25th March), Hall 5, Booth 51T11 

BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers of functional ingredients is showcasing its range of prebiotic dietary fibres at this year’s Food Ingredients China (FIC) in Shanghai from 23rd – 25th March 2016. A comprehensive body of scientific studies confirms that BENEO’s prebiotics improve digestive health and are supporting consumers’ overall wellbeing.

Globally 87 percent of the consumers are interested in food and beverage products supporting digestive health[1]. Mintel research shows that between 2013 and 2015, 16 percent of functional claims globally were about digestive health, making it one of the most important functional claims[2]. In China nearly every third consumer aged 20-49 has digestive problems such as stomach ache, indigestion or constipation[3]. With 15.3 percent, China belongs to the countries with the highest number of constipated people in Asia[4]. In particular, infants, children aged 6-18 and elderly are affected[5]. Consumers are aware of the beneficial role dietary fibre intake has on their digestive system and that it contributes to their overall wellbeing. However, even with a healthy nutrition rich in fruits, vegetable and wholegrain, people are struggling to consume the amount recommended by the World Health Organisation and national health authorities: In China the actual intake of dietary fibre is approx. 13g/day while the recommendation is 25g/day[6]. This difference is called the “fibre-gap”.

BENEO’s dietary fibres Orafti® Inulin and Orafti® Oligofructose have shown to improve digestive health by stimulating bowel function in a natural and mild manner. BENEO’s dietary fibres also belong to very few scientifically proven prebiotics. Being prebiotic they multiply and grow bifidus bacteria – the good bacteria in the large intestine, avoiding harmful strains and thus helping to build a strong digestive system. They are soluble fibres and can be easily incorporated into a wide range of products while maintaining taste and texture.

Christian Philippsen, Managing Director BENEO Asia Pacific: “BENEO’s prebiotic fibres are made by nature and gained from chicory root via a gentle hot water extraction method. With 8 out of 10 Chinese consumers actively looking for natural ingredients, our inulin and oligofructose are ‘on trend’ for providing digestive health, naturally. In combination with the solid basis of science, manufacturers can make the most of the consumers’ demand for products supporting a healthy digestive system.”

Visitors to BENEO’s booth will also be able to sample appealing product concepts with BENEO’s naturally derived prebiotic fibres inulin and oligofructose.

Fibre Gummies – Containing BENEO’s prebiotic fibres Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose these gummies support digestive health in a convenient and tasty way. Additionally they come with a soft and chewy texture and great taste, which makes it a joy for young kids and adults to boost dietary fibre intake while enjoying a fruity snack.

Cereal Bars – Incorporating BENEO’s natural dietary fibre Orafti® Inulin, the cereal bars help to support a healthy and balanced digestive system. At the same time this healthy daily snack is sugar reduced but conveys the same texture and sensorial mouthfeel as a full sugar equivalent.

Healthy Grain Biscuits – Enriched with the natural fibre Orafti® Inulin, these grain biscuits become a great source of whole grains and prebiotic fibre to help consumers boost their daily fibre intake and maintain a healthy digestive system. This way they are perfectly in line with the growing popularity of healthy biscuits as a convenient food to curb hunger pangs while enjoying guiltless indulgence.

Learn more hands on – BENEO’s experts will also be sharing their knowledge in nutrition science and expertise in food application within a technical seminar titled “Improving digestive health with inulin & oligofructose”. They will be having an interactive discussion with participants to explain how BENEO’s prebiotic fibres are prefect solutions to support a healthy digestive system. The seminar will be held on 24th March 2016, 1.30pm at meeting room M6-02.