Bell Germany packs sliced ham range in Mondi’s recyclable packaging

Mondi’s WalletPack material is said to decrease plastic waste by 35 tonnes per year for Bell Germany.

Mondi has produced recyclable packaging for Bell Germany’s Abraham range of thinly-sliced gourmet ham. The latter has launched a mono-material recyclable WalletPack in March for over 30 products including Seranno, Prosciutto and Savoy sliced ham.

The new solution will replace a multi-material non-recyclable plastic solution, using 37% less material compared to modified atmosphere packaging. This switch will also reduce plastic waste for Bell Germany by 35 tonnes per year due to the lightweight solution.

Jessica Trautmann, senior project manager, Bell Deutschland, explained: “As with all food packaging, the priority is to protect the contents, however it has been our aim for some time to improve the recyclability of our packaging as we look to make all parts of our business more sustainable.

“Mondi has been a valuable partner in the creation of this solution, and we are delighted to be launching this new packaging that is recyclable, while being functional and attractive on the shelf.”  

Created after two years of development, the new Mondi WalletPack operates as a folder, which the consumer opens to unpack the product. It features a re-close function on the backside to prevent food spoilage, provides protection for thinly-sliced deli meats, and has been verified by the German institute cyclos-HTP as 93% recyclable.

Thomas Kahl, EcoSolutions project manager, Mondi, said: “Our aim is to create packaging that is sustainable by design. It should be better for the environment, while protecting the food, and standing out on shelves to represent the Abraham brand. Our EcoSolutions approach takes all these elements into consideration – we worked closely with Bell Germany at every stage to ensure that this was the best solution for all their products.”