Baker Perkins Chief Engineer for Confectionery Machinery

Lee Fish has joined Baker Perkins at Peterborough as Chief Engineer for the company’s range of continuous cooking and starchless depositing systems for hard and soft confectionery and lollipops.  As chief engineer, he is responsible for all technical aspects of the range including performance, development, quality and costs. 

Lee comes to Baker Perkins with a strong background in the confectionery industry.  Most of his career has been spent with process engineers BCH (Coates Engineering), who supply extrusion systems for liquorice, starch gel and fruit products.  He gained experience there in design engineering, project management, sales, and technical management.

Baker Perkins cooking and depositing technology brings exceptional levels of reliability, efficiency and low production costs to the manufacture of high-quality hard candy, lollipops, toffees, caramels, fudge, fondant, and jellies, including products carrying over-the-counter medications or dietary supplements.    Many cannot be made by any other process.

One-shot ServoForm depositing systems can combine up to four components into a single candy in a range of different patterns. Centre-fillings, multi-colours, stripes, layers, inclusions, sugar-free and sugar options are all available to bring variety and eye-catching appeal.    Starchless depositing offers greater quality and production flexibility with lower production costs than conventional methods such as die forming, starch mogul or cut-and-wrap.