Azelis Opens Specialty Agri/Horti Application Laboratory in China

Azelis, a leading distributor of speciality chemicals and food ingredients, is proud to announce it has opened an application laboratory in Shanghai, China. This is Azelis’ fourth technical laboratory serving the Specialty Agri/Horti market, together with the ones in Italy, Vietnam and New Zealand. It will offer product advice, formulation development and technical research for the agriculture, horticulture, amenity and farm care market segments.

Mr. Ambrogio Erba, Market Segment Director Specialty Agri/Horti at Azelis, comments: “By opening Agri/Horti technical centres, first in Vietnam and New Zealand and now in Italy and Shanghai, we show the best support and dedication to all our Agri/Horti customers across the world. We offer them both a wide speciality product range as well as the expertise and technical skill-set of our laboratory professionals to support them from concept development to production. The extensive global network of technical laboratory staff we now have creates a large collective knowledge, new insights and formulations, easily shared across boundaries.”

Mr. Laurent Nataf, CEO & President Asia Pacific at Azelis, elaborates: “Our partners highly appreciate the added value our formulation support brings to them, which is why we have been investing in application laboratories in Asia Pacific in the last couple of years. Having this lab opened, and recently the one in Italy, is yet again proof of our strong and all-round presence in the agricultural market, an important and vastly growing segment in Asia Pacific.”

Azelis distributes a wide variety of speciality products for the agriculture and horticulture market. Its portfolio ranges from co-formulants and solvents for plant protection and seed coating in crop and non-crop applications, to macro and micro nutrients, fertilisers and dedicated additives to optimise the release processes for the crop nutrition markets.

Azelis currently runs 60 technical laboratories across the globe, 25 of which are located in Asia Pacific. These application labs provide technical support, product evaluation advice and invest in formulating new and ground-breaking recipes, often resulting in winning innovation awards and being recognized on a global scale.