Automation the focus for Mpac Langen at PackEx India 2019

Mpac Langen will be exhibiting at PackEx India 2019. Taking place on the 13-15 September in Dehli, PackEx India is the country’s largest packaging showcase for the food and beverage industries. Mpac will be showcasing its industry-leading packaging machinery and automation solutions, perfect for companies aiming to improve the efficiency of their production lines.

Talking noodles at PackEx India

Attended by over 10,000 key decision-makers from India’s rapidly growing food and beverage industry, the event will be a valuable platform for Mpac to introduce its packaging machinery and automation solutions to the market.

Avinash Ranalkar, Mpac Langen’s Regional Director for Asia Pacific (APAC) explains: “The Indian market needs secondary packaging solutions with the capability to increase output and meet the rise in demand for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Our LRC-500 top-load case packers are already in use in many food factories across the region as a case packing solution for chain pack products such as milk powder and coffee. The LRC-500 has been perfect for ITC’s noodle packaging requirements and for Nestle India’s Maggi Noodle factory in Tahliwal, Himachal Pradesh, where it packages up to 96 packets of noodles every 10 seconds.

“While many companies across the subcontinent are now in need of automated solutions like this, many of them are unfamiliar with the solutions available to them and how to best utilise them,” Avinash continues. “PackEx India offers Mpac the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of our solutions to expanding Indian businesses.”

A step towards automation

For the growing premium alcoholic beverage market, Mpac will be showcasing video demonstrations of the VC-C. This vertical cartoner with continuous top-load infeeds is designed to pack bottles with gentle handling and is a favourite for the specialist whisky and spirits market.

The AIR semi-automatic cartoner will also be exhibited for the first time in Delhi. An entry-level solution, the AIR is perfect for manufacturers who want to take the first steps towards automating their packaging line and move away from dependence on manual operation.

“The AIR machine, which is available under the rental programme, is a continuous motion infeed cartoner which is ideally suited for a range of packaging needs, from bagging for milk powders to flow wrap for biscuits in trays. By design, it is a flexible and cost-effective system, allowing the easy transition for manufacturers into automation.” Ranalkar explains.