Authentic meat alternative: wheat-based vegan bacon

This signature product from Loryma is a replication of its meaty friend

Loryma, an expert of functional wheat ingredients, has developed an innovative concept for vegan bacon that perfectly replicates the sensory characteristics of its meaty counterpart. The expected mouth-feel is achieved by the wheat-based binding component Lory® Bind, while a matching bacon spice blend guarantees an authentic taste. Thanks to uncomplicated production and easy preparation, the concept is ideal for use in both fast-food and gastronomy segments.

Consumer demand for authentic plant-based alternatives to popular meat products has been growing steadily. As a result, there is a need for product innovations that are easy to process and have similar sensory properties.  It is also why the company has developed a perfectly-balanced recipe for bacon based on wheat ingredients, which food manufacturers can use to expand their vegan product range.

As a component of a modular system, Lory® Bind offers optimal possibilities for the creation of ready-to-eat products with the desired and expected texture. The functional starch blends are odourless and neutral in taste, making them ideal for the production of vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives which can be individually-seasoned according to need. To ensure that the bacon retains its structure during cooking, the binder provides an irreversible internal structure.

When prepared in a pan, the vegan bacon behaves like the original, crispy on the outside whilst retaining a delicate, fibrous texture. A smoky seasoning brings the characteristic bacon flavour that consumers both expect and enjoy. This plant-based alternative can be used in a variety of gourmet items, catering and is highly convenient, whether diners would like to have it for a breakfast buffet, atop a vegan burger, diced on tarte flambée, in casseroles or as a topping for salads.

Henrik Hetzer, managing director of Loryma, explains that the key feature of this vegan bacon product is its “combination of naturalness and maximum functionality.” He also mentioned that, in addition to uncomplicated handling, they offer manufacturers the opportunity to create healthy and sure-fire products that perfectly meet current consumer trends for meat-free convenience foods.”