At Healthcare Packaging Expo, Antares Vision to Introduce 100% Inspection Solution for OSD Slat Fill Bottling

Antares Vision, global leader in visual inspection systems, track & trace solutions and smart data management, will introduce a solution for the 100% inspection of tablets & capsules bottled via slat filler at Healthcare Packaging Expo, September 23-25 in Las Vegas. The company will debut its groundbreaking AV Slat View, designed to ensure the highest integrity slat fills. The system inspects uncoated or coated tablets as well as mono and bi-colour capsules.

Compatible with a broad range of OEM slat filler brands, the turnkey, easily integrated unit offers simple setup and unlimited recipe storage. Equipped with an advanced colour detection algorithm, the AV Slat View’s complete validation package offers high accuracy and a low false reject rate. A configurable alarm that flags and rejects bottles with potential objects eliminates the need for line stoppage.

In conjunction with strategic partner Weiler Labeling Systems – A ProMach Brand,   Antares Vision also will be co-presenting a thought leadership lecture exploring whole-label inspection in the age of print-on-demand, including the emerging prominence of digital applications. The presentation will take place on Tuesday, September 24 at 1pm, at  Pack Expo’s Innovation Stage 3.

At its show booth, Antares Vision also will offering a variety of demonstrations, including inspection machinery configurations as well as unit-level serialization and aggregation setups that ensure full DSCSA compliance. Also showcased will be the company’s  Track My Way software, a next-generation track & trace platform providing a dialogue between various stakeholders throughout a product’s supply chain journey and lifecycle. The new tech product aims to further protect and guarantee transparency of production processes and distribution channels and to keep increasingly sophisticated consumers informed about the products they purchase.

Other solutions that Antares Vision will showcase at Healthcare Packaging Expo include:

  • AVionics is a comprehensive software tool designed to monitor equipment performance and efficiency throughout the production process.  This solution satisfies pharmaceutical companies’ increasing desire to leverage data initially generated to comply with serialization mandates in the US and abroad. By tracking various key performance indicators (KPIs), AVionics streamlines data into a user-friendly dashboard for intuitive operator decision-making. Information collected from production and packaging lines can then be used to improve business processes at all levels – from line-level manufacturing through overarching, enterprise-level metrics development.
  • Antares Vision’s Print & Check EVO is among the most widely used integrated solution on the market. Quick and easy to integrate into packaging lines, the unit occupies just 705mm of floor space as it prints and verifies on carton flaps. Upper and lower conveyors keep cartons stable for reliable printing and unsurpassed verification accuracy. The Print & Check EVO can handle cartons up to 120mm wide and 200mm in height at a maximum speed of 300 units per minute.  It offers real-time management of relevant serialization data, including the construction of parent/child relationships at various packaging levels.
  • Antares Vision’s GTS Plant Manager software generates or imports serialization numbers and stores all data while interfacing with Level 4 repositories. GTS Plant Manager comes preconfigured and ready to manage line serialization. As needs evolve, the scalable software can be expanded to manage additional lines and other communication layers.
  • Antares Vision’s Top View Matrix Station aggregates cartons to a specific shipping case and prints unique shipping labels. The module’s signature 19.6”x11.8” top-view reading window employs cameras that automatically adjust to reading additional layers for faster throughput. The unit alerts operators to incorrect or already-picked barcodes and other defects to ensure a higher quality process, and an intuitive touch screen interface allows personnel to quickly change product and shipping information to accommodate customer orders. Semiautomatic operation gives warehouse and distribution operations the ability to cost-effectively go beyond the throughput limitations of manual loading and aggregation.