Aseptic line for Jus de Fruits d’Alsace

Thanks to an integrated blow module, the Contiform AseptBloc permits both containers and products to be aseptically treated throughout the entire process.  

Alsace is known far and wide as a gourmets’ paradise. This French province always dishes up something special. And that goes for the drinks, too.

So as to market their sensitive products like top-quality fruit juices, smoothies and fruit squashes in PET bottles instead of in soft-packages as previously, Jus de Fruits d’Alsace in Sarre-Union has now invested in a Contiform AseptBloc from Krones rated at 30,000 bottles an hour.

The new aseptic filling line at Jus de Fruits d’Alsace, a subsidiary of LSDH (Laiterie Saint-Denis-de-l’Hôtel), includes an aseptic blow-moulder, which is part of a blow-moulder/filler block. After preform decontamination using gaseous H2O2, the block produces the containers in the aseptic blow-moulder and fills them in aseptic mode. This means that both the containers and the product are processed in aseptic mode throughout.

Besides the top-notch microbiological safety levels it provides, the Contiform AseptBloc also scores highly in terms of cost-efficiency: it dispenses with a sterile-water UHT and a hygiene centre, and does not consume any water in production mode, thus enabling Jus de Fruits d’Alsace to save on water, chemicals and energy.