Arla Foods Ingredients offers easy route to protein bar premiumization

Arla Foods Ingredients is offering an easy way to give protein bars premium positioning.


The protein bar category is growing, thanks to demand for functional foods, meal replacements and on-the-go snacks. In an increasingly crowded market, manufacturers are seeking new ways to differentiate their products and maximize consumer appeal.

Achieving premium positioning can be technically challenging and time-consuming. However, a new solution from Arla Foods Ingredients allows manufacturers to give their protein bars an upgrade without wasting time on sourcing, balancing and blending numerous ingredients.

Lacprodan® ISO.WheyBar is a blend of whey protein isolate and casein specially designed as a premium protein source in bars. Whey protein isolate is recognized by consumers as one of the most pure and complete protein sources available, allowing bars to be positioned at the premium end of the market.

The solution has been optimized to deliver a bar with a great texture over its entire shelf life – a common challenge when incorporating whey protein isolate into bars. Because it comes ready-to-mix, it can reduce production time. It is also quality-assured, so that manufacturers can depend on high performance during production, as well as high-quality nutritional content in the final product every time.

Joe Katterfield, Health & Performance Nutrition Development Manager at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “Bars are a hugely popular way for mindful consumers to increase their protein intake on-the-go. Premium positioning can be achieved by incorporating whey protein isolate but this is often difficult. Lacprodan® ISO.WheyBar allows manufacturers to take protein bars to the next level without the headache of handling numerous protein ingredients.”

Arla Foods Ingredients will showcase Lacprodan® ISO.WheyBar at Booth #1565 SupplySide West (17-18th October in Las Vegas). It will also highlight two other ways to boost the quality of protein bars: Lacprodan® TexturePro is a functional hydrolysed whey protein concentrate that gives bars a superior texture and offers a way to replace maltitol whilst maintaining a great texture. Meanwhile, Lacprodan® SoftBar allows bars to reach up to 37% protein content using only dairy proteins, while giving them a pleasant whipped texture.