Arla Foods Ingredients makes it easy to enrich juice drinks with protein

Arla Foods Ingredients is highlighting the potential of its Lacprodan ISO.Clear to bring the benefits of protein to juice drinks.

Lacprodan ISO.Clear is a whey protein isolate developed for the fortification of functional beverages without cloudiness, graininess or off-taste. Lacprodan ISO.Clear has a protein content of 90%, offers high heat stability, and is clear in solution making it suitable for pasteurised or ultra-high temperature (UHT) processed juice drinks.

To showcase its potential, Arla Foods Ingredients has launched a new protein-enriched juice drink concept. It shows how manufacturers can use Lacprodan ISO.Clear to deliver the benefits of whey protein isolate in a refreshing, great-tasting juice drink format with no added sugar. It also demonstrates how juice drinks fortified with Lacprodan ISO.Clear can be positioned for a variety of markets, for example as a new breakfast standard for health-conscious consumers; a nourishing, on-the-go vitaliser for kids; an enjoyable post-workout recovery drink; and a nutritious drink for older consumers, or patients who need extra protein.

Mathias Toft Vangsoe, sales development manager, health and performance, Arla Foods Ingredients, concluded: “Many consumers are starting to move away from standard juice drinks, but they still want health benefits alongside natural ingredients, great taste and refreshment. This is creating new demand for innovative functional beverages, and protein-enriched juice drinks represent a particularly exciting opportunity in the sector.

“Products with Lacprodan ISO.Clear taste just like juice drinks should, but with the benefits of high-quality, natural whey protein isolate. They’re also very easy to add to existing recipes, making them the ideal way to add new appeal to traditional juice drink ranges.”

Lacprodan ISO.Clear works with a broad range of juice types, in particular clear juice drinks, and can be combined with other health-promoting ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.